Coast Guard & Lighthouse Segway Tour-Sturgeon Bay

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See the Coast Guard Station, Lighthouses and More

This glide travels country roads next to the Shipping Canal to the Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station then back on quaint canopied roads. You will view the lighthouse and shipping canal and may even enjoy some off-road gliding.

The U.S. Coast Guard and Lighthouse Station are just south of Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan. The Sturgeon Bay Canal was dredged and cut through sand so ships could pass from Lake Michigan to Green Bay. The picturesque Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse on the property of the Coast Guard Station is the goal of this glide.

Then, after a visit to Portage Park, you will glide back down a beautiful canopied dirt road to Sturgeon Bay. Gliding next to the canal, we will look for one of the large lake freighters commuting through this manmade canal.

How it Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet just south of Sturgeon Bay for the training on the use of the Segway. We then end the tour back at your car.