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Green Bay City Segway Tour

Quick Details

Make it a Private Tour (Just your group & guide)
Local Buy One Get One Free *Must live within 30 miles of the tour & provide driver license or utility bill proof at the time of the tour.

Segway Tour in the Heart of Green Bay

Are you ready to glide with us on a Segway adventure through Green Bay’s historic and scenic hotspots? Let’s get started!

Our Fox River glide will take you soaring over the sparkling waters and weaving through downtown Green Bay. Get a glimpse of outdoor art and immerse yourself in fascinating stories of old as we glide along on our trusty Segways.

While the city may be renowned for its football team, Green Bay has plenty more to offer beyond the sports arena. Our glide will take you over a bridge that spans the Fox River and then onto the Fox River Trail, where you’ll enjoy a stunning ride along the river.

Get ready to experience the vibrant City Deck and cruise through the picturesque Historic Broadway District and charming Astor Park neighborhood. We’ll also take you through the heart of Downtown Green Bay, where you’ll learn about the city’s intriguing history, including some lesser-known Packer tales. Don’t worry, we won’t avoid the Packers entirely on this tour – they’re a vital part of the city’s story!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 920-376-0256 to book your glide TODAY and get ready for an unforgettable adventure through Green Bay’s nature and history.

How It Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet at our shop and train you right outside in the parking lot. Then off we go!

“We began with thorough instructions and practice. After donning helmets and slipping water bottles into our Segway packs, we followed our guide through Green Bay, learning area culture and history. We gained confidence quickly. Our guide was excellent, putting us at ease, answering questions, and offering interesting nuggets about the area. We had fun, plus we gained a new experience and skill.”

Reviewed by Marilynn N