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What to Expect / FAQ

What should you expect from a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Tour with us?

Simple answer: A very FUN glide, beautiful scenery and historic places!

Here are the details

First, we meet at the location of your choice or our shop in Green Bay or Fish Creek. Next, you pick your helmet (or bring your own). The Segway PT trainer trains each participant one at a time on the Segway PT. After being trained, you practice your turns and learn to trust the Segway PT (TRUST is the key). So far, this has taken about 2-25 minutes depending on the size of the group (there is always at least a 1:9 ratio between guides and FUN SEEKERS). Then we head out on the Segway PT into historic, serene and beautiful places.

Is there an age requirement?

Participants must be at least 11 years old. In order to do a tour without an adult, a FUN SEEKER must be at least 18. There is not an upper age limit. A person must be comfortable on their feet and not tend to trip or fall because of age.

Make sure you bring your camera!

The majority of tours last between 1 and 2 hours, although the Washington Island Tour lasts about 5 hours and a few of the tours are 50 minutes.

Why don’t you have the location on your website for where we meet for our tour?
We don’t want you to show up for a tour without a reservation because we will not have Segway’s for you. When you make your reservation we will give you the meeting location (ask about the secret link with a map of where we meet for each tour).

What is the largest group you can take on a tour at one time?

Is there a weight limit?
No, but the participant must be comfortable on their feet and does not tend to fall or trip because of weight.

Can a younger child ride with a parent/adult?
No. The Segway PT is designed for one rider. In many cases you can rent a bike for them to bring them along.

Do you have to have GOOD BALANCE to ride a Segway PT?
No. You just have to TRUST the Segway PT and it will balance you.

What about LARGE GROUPS in the fifties and hundreds?
We can bring Segway PT’s to your gathering and train everyone in your group. Call for a quote.