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Neenah Paper & Water Trail Segway Tour

Quick Details

Make it a Private Tour (Just your group & guide)

The only Segway Tour in the world with one of the main attractions being a manhole cover!

Ready to embark on a thrilling Segway tour through the heart of Neenah’s paper country? We’ll take you on a journey among millionaire mansions, historic neighborhoods, and downtown hotspots while you soak in the breathtaking scenery.

As we glide through the picturesque shores of Lake Winnebago, you’ll discover the rich history of this town and its paper barons, who built grand mansions that still stand today. We’ll explore the fascinating stories behind these luxurious homes as we travel down the famous Paper Trail.

Our tour also includes a visit to Doty Island and to see the historic Kimberly Point Lighthouse and maybe even check out the incredible Bergstrom-Mahler Art Museum. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a fun and scenic adventure, this tour is perfect for everyone.

Join us today and experience the thrill of a lifetime as we glide through Neenah’s beautiful neighborhoods and soak up the rich history and natural beauty of this incredible town. Call 920-376-0256 to book your tour now!

How It Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet at the start of the tour in Neenah for training, and then off we go!

“We decided to take a Segway tour in the paper town of Neenah Wisconsin. I wanted to try a relaxing tour that hopefully didn’t have a lot of car or people traffic. My family of 6 were nervous at first, but our new buddy Al trained us in no time and had us acting like pro’s touring around the city. I try to take the kids’ grandparents on vacation with us and try new things. They’re in their 70’s so I have to be careful on the activities that we do. Well….. this was a BIG hit with them, they LOVED it!! They haven’t stopped raving about it in the past 7 days. Their son-in-law does it again…lol.”

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