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Linda Cole is the longest running tour guide. Her favorite Segway experience is taking pictures of the smiling gliders and beautiful views during the Peninsula State Park tour. When not on the Segway, Linda loves to sightsee while driving on the small, little-traveled roads of Door County. She also has the hobby of training dogs and cares for two big German Shepherds. Additionally, Linda is a fan of the cool weather in the fall. Patient and friendly Linda will greet you with a smile before she takes you out on your tour!


The owner of Glide N.E.W. LLC, Nick Dokolas, has enjoyed growing his business over the years. Nick is a former teacher from California but now lives in Green Bay. He thinks that northeast Wisconsin is a unique place to share the fun of the Segway! Some of Nick’s favorite things to do are playing disc golf and walking down to the water to watch a sunset in Door County. He also appreciates the privilege of experiencing the fascinating nature of Wisconsin. He delights in giving tours because Nick gets to be in the great outdoors meeting and sharing the Segway with you.


Paul Leline is a retired science teacher and a handyman. He has lived in Door County for 37 years and now lives on a farm in Baileys Harbor, where he and his wife enjoy riding their six horses. Paul likes using his passion for teaching to instruct people on the Segway and then to point out all the nature surrounding them. One of his favorite parts of giving tours is watching people go from a little nervousness to loving the Segway! When guiding tours, Paul will search with you for all types of plant and animal life. As you hunt, you will be sure to learn from Paul interesting facts about the wildlife around you.


The youngest guide, Josh Gundlach, is a lover of the outdoors! His favorite tours are the nature-filled Peninsula State Park and Sturgeon Bay Coast Guard & Lighthouse tours. When Josh is not on the Segway, he is kayaking or enjoying other activities on the water. He also enjoys biking and playing the guitar. Josh is from Oshkosh, WI but spends his summers in Jacksonport while working. One of Josh’s favorite parts of guiding tours is showing you the numerous attractions of Door County.


When Barry Mellen is not riding the Segway in the summer or teaching school in the winter, he is enjoying time with his family. This tour guide’s favorite activities are being at home with his wife and kids, riding his motorcycle, going fishing, and reading. Barry’s favorite restaurant is Bluefront Cafe in Sturgeon Bay. Barry is a history teacher at Sturgeon Bay High School and loves to show off his hometown while guiding the Everything Sturgeon Bay tour. When beginning a tour, his first priority will always be to make sure that you are comfortable and confident on the Segway. Then, as you get going, Barry will ensure that you are relishing both the Segway and the sights!


Everyone wants to go exploring with Leif Erickson! This tour guide’s favorite adventure is the Washington Island 5-hour tour. Leif appreciates this opportunity to spend most of the day really getting to know people. Leif also has many hobbies, including sailing, photography, kayaking, maintaining his old Jeep, and cross country skiing. He has lived in Door County for most of his life and has many positive memories from the area. When on a tour with Leif, you will hear a wealth of engaging history and local stories.


As a Packers fan, Al Wachtendonk’s favorite tours are the Packer themed tours. This high school teacher especially loves to know the history of the team. Though he is a retired technology and engineering teacher, Al now substitutes at high schools in the Green Bay area. He is originally from Appleton but has lived in Brown County since 1981. Al likes guiding tours because he gets to see the faces of people from all over the country, and occasionally even from foreign countries, break into smiles as they ride! With Al as your guide, you will be sure to have a great time and learn something as well.