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Lighthouses of Baileys Harbor Segway & Hike Tour

Quick Details

Private Tour Upgrade per group

The only lighthouse Segway tour in the United States!

Experience the best of both worlds with this combined Segway tour and hike! Your adventure begins with a glide down historic Ridges Road, which passes through the Ridges Sanctuary and Toft Point Nature Preserve. This area is a geographic wonder, with unique plant life and possible sightings of wildlife to see along the way.

Near the end of the Segway glide, we will embark on a 2-mile guided hike into the Toft Nature Preserve, where you can immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of nature. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of the fishing industry around Baileys Harbor and visit the fishing boats. We will also explore an old settlement in the woods, offering a journey through time.

This tour is the perfect combination of adventure, education, and nature. Don’t miss out on this unique experience – book online or call 920-376-0256 today to book your tour!

How It Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet in Baileys Harbor, and we train on a Segway in a large parking lot before taking off to see the sites.

“My family and I had a wonderful time learning to ride and exploring Bailey’s Harbor. Our guide was AMAZING! I would go again in a heartbeat!!!”


For a tour today, call 920-376-0256!