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Electric Scooter Glide – Green Bay

Quick Details

Make it a Private Tour (Just your group & guide)

Explore Green Bay on an E-Scooter

Experience Green Bay like never before on the Ninebot Max electric scooter, created by Segway for maximum power, range, and comfort. Get ready for an electrifying adventure!

Our glide kicks off from our Broadway shop and takes you straight to the Astor Historic District, where you’ll get to soak up the sights of this fascinating neighborhood before exploring the rest of downtown Green Bay. Get ready for a thrilling ride packed with history, football, and endless FUN!

With its 10-inch tires, the Ninebot Max electric scooter delivers a smooth and comfortable ride. You’ll feel the power from the moment you start your glide – these scooters pack more punch than any other scooter you’ve evxperienced before.

Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden an electric scooter before – our expert tour guide will give you a brief lesson to get you started. Then, you’ll be ready for a 1+ hour excursion packed with picture-perfect Green Bay spots that are perfect for sharing on social media.

The electric motor will do the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on the breathtaking views and unforgettable moments. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the Ninebot Max and let’s go!

Requirements: Must be in good physical condition, less than 290 lbs & 10+ years old.