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Unveiling the Mysterious Origins of the “Segway Man”

Embarking on the journey of launching guided Segway Tours in Door County back in 2005 was a bold endeavor, one that would lead to the creation of an iconic symbol – the “Segway Man”. Picture this: a time when Segways were still an enigma, and the idea of riding one was met with skepticism. This is where our story begins.

In the midst of uncertainty, with ten Segways in tow and a handful of rack cards from the local print shop, the quest for a distinctive logo unfolded. Seeking inspiration, I turned to my wife for ideas. In a stroke of creative brilliance, she sketched a stick figure defying gravity above a Segway. And so, the “Segway Man” was born.

Next, we found a FUN font to place dancing alongside the SegwayMan, spelling out “Segway the Door Tours.” The logo was more than an emblem; it was a symbol of the thrilling adventures awaiting those willing to glide into the unknown.

a woman sitting on a bench

Here he is riding along on a tour!

Fast forward to 2013 – a new chapter in Green Bay. As our Segway Tours expanded to cover the scenic landscapes along the Fox River, a fresh identity was needed. Introducing Segway the Fox Tours, the business now demanded not one but two logos. However, the square format posed challenges in the digital realm, prompting a redesign.

In our pursuit of a dynamic and professional look, a graphic arts designer was enlisted. Little did we know, the “Segway Man’s” fate hung in the balance. The initial designs excluded our beloved stick figure, dismissed as “unprofessional.” Yet, I championed the cause, arguing that the “Segway Man” exuded the very essence of FUN. After a persuasive back-and-forth, the “Segway Man” emerged victorious, gracing the logos with his playful presence.


Then, in 2021, Sheboygan joined our Segway expedition. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we opted for continuity, entrusting our graphic artist to craft a logo for Segway the Lake, now adorned in refreshing green.


And so, the “Segway Man” lives on, not just surviving but thriving across three distinct logos. A symbol of resilience, he represents the spirit of three businesses offering guided Segway tours across approximately 20 captivating locations in northeast Wisconsin.

Now, you’ve unraveled the mystery behind the “Segway Man” – a testament to the adventurous spirit that propels us forward, one Segway ride at a time!

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