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Peninsula State Park Segway Tour

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Explore Peninsula State Park on this Segway tour

Looking for a new and interesting way to explore Peninsula State Park in Door County? Even if you have been to Peninsula State Park before, this glide will probably take you to places you have never seen! Along Skyline Road, Peninsula State Park has the best views of any of the Door County State Parks. Come see for yourself on a Door County Segway tour.

Discover the history of the area and experience the beauty that abounds on this fun and informative Segway tour. We stop at several overlooks that give you magnificent views of Green Bay and the islands off the shore including Chambers, Horseshoe, and the Strawberry Islands.

The Segway PT will carry you effortlessly up and down the hills on this most popular glide. This is the best way to see Peninsula State Park without spending too much time or having to walk too far. Join us today!

How it works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet at our shop and will take you on a short drive into the park for training. No State Park sticker required.