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Rustic Roads of Thornberry Creek Segway Tour

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Experience Nature on this Green Bay Segway Tour

Ride along the rustic roads of Thornberry Creek on this fun Segway experience! You’re sure to have a great time as we travel along this scenic route with plenty of interesting viewpoints.

Rustic Road R-40 traverses Trout Creek, offering views of natural woodlands with deep ravines, as well as picturesque open farmland. The Thornberry Creek at Oneida golf course can be found along the route as well as some amazing homes. Enjoy views of the creek and some impressive houses as we ride down the road.

You can expect to experience both untamed and tamed nature on this glide as you enjoy slight hills and beautiful scenery throughout the whole trip.

How it Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet in a cul-de-sac and train you on the use of the Segway. Then off we go!