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Just Glide Segway Tour- Green Bay

Quick Details

"Just Glide" Tour ticket
Shorter "Just Glide" tour ticket

Just Glide…

The Green Bay area has a lot more to offer then just football. The Fox River cuts the city right down the middle, delivering beauty to the cityscape. You will enjoy a glide over a bridge that spans the Fox River, and then a ride along the river on the Fox River Trail.

You will experience the active City Deck and go through Downtown Green Bay. This trip is perfect if you have never been on a Segway and you just want the experience without the guide sharing a lot about the area. Or maybe you have been on a Segway PT and just can’t get enough! If so, this tour is for you!

How It Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. Choose between the longer or shorter glide. We meet at our shop on N. Broadway to train you right outside in the parking lot. Then off we go! For a tour today, call 920-376-0256!