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Explore the Green Bay area on one of a variety of Segway tours, including Packers, nature and historic themed tours. See below for tour options and prices.

Green Bay Standard Tours

  • Duration: 1 hour+ training (allow 1.5 hours)
  • Price: $59 per person

*Tax and Optional Gratuity not included in price

Packer Themed Tours
  1. Packer Heritage Trail Tour
    Explore the “Early Years” of Packer History. 22 bronze plaques locate sites where Packer History unfolded. We will take you there. The Packer Heritage Trail opened in June 2012! Segway PT gliders have been some of the first to experience again the early years of the Green Bay Packers. Sure, you could walk it, but everything is more fun on a Segway PT.
  2. Lambeau Stadium/Walk of Legends Tour
    Do you know about the Walk of Legends? It is 24 huge granite obelisks that chronicle the Packers decade by decade. This tour starts at Tundra Lodge, goes down the Walk of Legends, and around Packer Stadium. Whether you are a Packer fan or not, the stadium and Walk are fun and impressive seen from the platform of the Segway PT. You will draw the stares of the passersby as you glide down the sidewalks of Green Bay.
Nature Themed Tours
  1. Rustic Roads of Thornberry Creek Tour
    Rustic Road R-40 traverses Trout Creek offering views of natural woodlands with deep ravines, as well as picturesque open farmland. You will enjoy slight hills and beautiful scenery. The Thornberry Creek at Oneida Golf course is along the route as well as some amazing homes. We will experience untamed and tamed nature on this glide.
  2. Suamico Rustic Roads Tour
    An amazing Segway glide that travels down a nature route past the N.E.W. Zoo between Flintville and Suamico on Rustic Road R-8. This Wisconsin Certified Rustic Road meanders between stands of hardwood and coniferous trees. This relaxing glide will give you the opportunity to delight in the Brown County outdoors.
Historic Themed Tours
  1. Everything Green Bay Tour
    Explore historic downtown Green Bay including historic people and places, outdoor art, and stories of old. This glide along the Fox River will take us over two bridges that span the river. We will also go down the happening North Broadway.
  2. Historic DePere Tour
    Come glide DePere with us! On this Segway tour, we will visit three historic neighborhood districts, the banks of the Fox River, Downtown DePere, and the De Pere Lock and Dam Historic District. Learn the difference between Greek Revival and Queen Anne architecture and find out the meaning of “Rapides Des Pères”.

Shorter Tours

  • Duration: 50 minute experience
  • Price: $45 per person

*Tax and Optional Gratuity not included in price

  1. Fox River Sunset Tour
    Glide the Green Bay Nightlife at sunset. You will be a part of what is happening as the sun goes down as you glide along the Fox River Trail, City Deck and Broadway District.
  2. “Just Glide” Tour
    A little shorter but the title says it all. Maybe you have never been on a Segway PT and you just want the experience without the guide pointing out all the sites and beauty around you, or maybe you have been on a Segway PT and just can’t get enough. This tour is for you! You will be trained on the Segway then enjoy a guided glide through Green Bay.

Longer Outlying Segway Tours

  • Duration: 1.5 hours+ training (allow 2 hours)
  • Price: $74 per person

*Tax and Optional Gratuity not included in price

  1. Manitowoc on the Coast Tour
    We will coast on the two wheels of a Segway PT through historic Manitowoc. We will enjoy the long coastline, the historic places, the picturesque scenes and you will learn about the rich marine history of Manitowoc. You will also get a close up view of a WWII submarine.
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