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Historic Sturgeon Bay Segway Tour

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Segway across the Historic Steel Bridge and more

On this fun Segway glide, you will pass over the historic Steel Bridge, see the Bay Shipbuilding shipyard, visit Big Hill, and the Louisiana Street Historic District, among other spots.

Sturgeon Bay is split in half by a canal. That doesn’t stop you as you glide over the Steel Bridge from the Maritime Museum to Big Hill Park, Louisiana Street Historic District, Graham Park, Downtown District, and make a quick stop at a history museum.

The people of Sturgeon Bay love watching us as we fly by on our Segways! You will have experienced the diversity of the only “city” in Door County by the close of this fantastic tour full of interesting sites.

How it Works

Make a reservation ahead of time. We meet at the Maritime Museum to train on the use of the Segway in the parking lot then take off to experience the city.